The importance of water.

No ifs, no buts, people tend to spend a very large amount of their lives chronically dehydrated due to not drinking enough clean water.

This leads to sluggish digestive function, constipation and fat gain due to both the confusion of the thirst signal for hunger AND the cortisol raising effect of dehydration stress.

The body knows it’s not working right, senses stress and cortisol gets released and once again, your turn into a very efficient belly-fat making machine.

You can reduce the impact by, you guessed it, drinking more?

How much?

Well, we advise our clients to aim at something in the region of 1ltr of water for every 50lbs of bodyweight which is a good bit more than the recommended 8 glasses but which can and does dramatically impact on fat loss.

If you require any help with losing fat, just ask. We have a proven record for helping people shed those pounds

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Bespoke, unique, tailored nutrition plans……..MY ARSE!

Have you bought or been given a diet plan that is claiming to be tailored, bespoke, unique etc etc etc?

I come across lots of diet plans that have been given out by so called health and fitness professionals that claim to be unique, bespoke, tailored to you.

Well here is the question I am asking you.

Have you had your body composition analysed to make this diet plan tailored to you?? If you haven’t had your body composition analysed, I can tell you that you have bought a generic diet plan that you could get for free off the Internet. If I were you I would be asking serious questions about your diet plan and perhaps be asking for my money back!

In order to make any diet plan bespoke, tailored or unique. You need to know a few things about your body, such as Fat percentage (measured accurately) Lean Body Mass, water levels. Finally you need to know your total calorie intake based on your muscle mass.

Why all this info I hear you say. Well only muscle needs calories, fat doesn’t! So what’s the point in putting more calories in than your muscle mass actually needs. So from understanding your body composition you can then accurately get a calorie intake requirement, which can then be broken down into accurate macro nutrient ratios.

Whether you are wanting to gain muscle mass or lose body fat, you should have been accurately assessed so your calorie intake and macro nutrient ratios are genuinely bespoke and tailored to you!

Here at Evolve Fitness & Physio it’s standard practice to regularly measure body composition and to then change your macro nutrient ratios accordingly. If you want any help with diet plans, whether it’s for losing fat for holidays or perhaps a bodybuilding show. We can help you. Feel free to message us and we will do our best to help you out!

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Is your trainer Assessing or Guessing?

Is your trainer Assessing or Guessing?

I have had quite a lot of messages from people regarding my last few posts.

Some people who were already disgruntled at basically being ripped off. Some who wanted advice about the things I have been talking about (overworked and bogus bespoke diet plans). Some who thought they had picked a good trainer, it seems basically people pick trainers on their own appearance i.e. They look good so must know what they are doing. Then after reading my posts have realised their trainer is just blagging them.

So I thought I would write down a list of the things that any trainer worth his salt should be doing. Basically it boils down to this.
Are you or have you been assessed? From a basic PARQ, to blood pressure to check you won’t die from the exercise you are about to partake in. Body composition, again you can’t have a bespoke tailored nutrition plan without being assessed for your fat and muscle content. Movement patterns, can you squat properly, walk properly, run properly etc etc etc. Are you being reassessed periodically to check you are reaching goals and targets? Here is a thought for you. If you don’t get assessed at the beginning how in the hell do you know you are improving. You can’t have a point B without a point A.

So here is the list.
Lifestyle questionnaire
Health questionnaire
Injury questionnaire
Your goals and targets
Body Composition Analysis
Calculated calorie and macro nutrient diet plan
Structured exercise plan (you SHOULD repeat the same session)
Constant re-evaluation of your diet and training plans

This is not an exhaustive list but a rough guide as to a few of the things that I do and in MY OPINION, quality trainers should do.

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Week 1 of a 6 Week Workout

Week 1 Mainly Legs week!

Kettlebell Front Squats-

First one stay still standard squat, ass to the grass. 12 reps

Second one, step to the left and squat then return to middle. Either alternate sides or complete full 12 reps on each.

Third one, step round to 4 o,clock and squat again either alternate or complete full set of 12.

ViPR Tilt & Lunge in 3 planes.

First one with vipr at side of right leg hold in right hand and lunge forward controlling vipr down to floor. Repeat on left side 12 reps.

Second one with vipr in front of left foot and left hand on vipr, side lunge with right foot to the right, controlling vipr down to floor. Repeat on left side for 12 reps each.

Third one with vipr in front of left foot  and left hand on vipr. Left foot over right foot to 4 oclock  and lunge controlling vipr down to the floor. 12 reps each side

Powerbag slams

Kneeling down lift powerbag overhead and smash down into mat for 15 reps.

Second one smash bag into mat to the right and left not twisting torso. For 15 reps each side.

Third one pick powerbag up and smash into floor by twisting torso round to the right and left for 15 reps each side.

Dumbell Lunge & Rotate 3 Planes

First one with dumbells in both hands held at 90 degrees. Lunge straight forward and rotate both dumbells over the leading leg. 12 reps on left and right.

Second one side lunge to left with left foot, keep both feet pointing straight forward. Then rotate to left as well. Repeat with right and 12 reps each side.

Third one is lunge round to 40clock and rotate arms round again.


Reverse Lunge with bicep curl & Press

First one is take right foot and send it backwards to the right and lunge aiming for 4 oclock when in lunge position curl and press the dumbells. Aim for 10 reps. Repeat with left foot aiming for 7 oclock.

Second one is send right foot straight back aiming for 6 oclock repeat with curl and press. And left foot aiming for 10 reps each side.

Third one is send right foot back and across to 7 oclock and lunge. Once in position bicep curl and press for 10 reps. Repeat on opposite side for 10 reps.

Big Curls in 3 planes using Med ball

Standing with feet apart and med ball in both hands. Squat down to floor and touch ball on floor in between legs then raise ball up and over head for 12 reps.

Second one is as above but instead of raising ball directly overhead, take ball to left for 12 reps then the right for 12 reps.

Thirdly as above but taking round the corner, twisting opposite foot in a golfing pivot motion.

Lunge and RIP Trainer

Holding rip trainer to right take a lunge forward with left foot. Holding the lunge position then with right arm smash the hell out of the rip trainer in front of you returning it to the side every time for 30 reps. Repeat on other side for 30.

Secondly pointing rip trainer down to the floor, on the right side take a lunge forward with left foot. Then smash rip trainer out in front of you in a rowing fashion for 30 and repeat on other side.

Thirdly with rip trainer pointing up to the sky and to the right hand side. Lunge forward with left foot and in a casting the rod fashion smash it overhead for 30 on each side.

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Eat Poor Quality Food

Eat Poor Quality Food

Whilst quantity does play a part in getting fat and out of shape, the quality of what we put into our mouths is far more important.

Every food we eat interacts with our hormones to create first our internal environment (including metabolism) and then our external environment (physical appearance).

You are what you eat, right? You knew this already, didn’t you?

But what may not be clear is just how impactful food can be for your hormones. For instance, caffeine is a cortisol stimulant and raised cortisol leads to belly fat buildup.

Sugar is an insulin trigger and insulin-related fat likes to live around the love-handle area and upper back.

Enjoy soy? Well, it’s an estrogen trigger that loves to talk to the bodyfat around your hips and thighs as well as the triceps area giving that all too familiar ‘bingo wings’ or ‘dinner lady arms’ physique.

Processed food in general does this, as do foods stored in plastics.

What you eat is MUCH more important than how much.

That’s why you need to focus on ‘clean-eating’ at least 80% of the time if you want to maintain a great body and great health, and more if you’ve got some way to go before you get there.

If you eat clean, you get lean.

Found this while clearing out my computer!

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