Is your trainer Assessing or Guessing?

Is your trainer Assessing or Guessing?

I have had quite a lot of messages from people regarding my last few posts.

Some people who were already disgruntled at basically being ripped off. Some who wanted advice about the things I have been talking about (overworked and bogus bespoke diet plans). Some who thought they had picked a good trainer, it seems basically people pick trainers on their own appearance i.e. They look good so must know what they are doing. Then after reading my posts have realised their trainer is just blagging them.

So I thought I would write down a list of the things that any trainer worth his salt should be doing. Basically it boils down to this.
Are you or have you been assessed? From a basic PARQ, to blood pressure to check you won’t die from the exercise you are about to partake in. Body composition, again you can’t have a bespoke tailored nutrition plan without being assessed for your fat and muscle content. Movement patterns, can you squat properly, walk properly, run properly etc etc etc. Are you being reassessed periodically to check you are reaching goals and targets? Here is a thought for you. If you don’t get assessed at the beginning how in the hell do you know you are improving. You can’t have a point B without a point A.

So here is the list.
Lifestyle questionnaire
Health questionnaire
Injury questionnaire
Your goals and targets
Body Composition Analysis
Calculated calorie and macro nutrient diet plan
Structured exercise plan (you SHOULD repeat the same session)
Constant re-evaluation of your diet and training plans

This is not an exhaustive list but a rough guide as to a few of the things that I do and in MY OPINION, quality trainers should do.

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