Eat Poor Quality Food

Eat Poor Quality Food

Whilst quantity does play a part in getting fat and out of shape, the quality of what we put into our mouths is far more important.

Every food we eat interacts with our hormones to create first our internal environment (including metabolism) and then our external environment (physical appearance).

You are what you eat, right? You knew this already, didn’t you?

But what may not be clear is just how impactful food can be for your hormones. For instance, caffeine is a cortisol stimulant and raised cortisol leads to belly fat buildup.

Sugar is an insulin trigger and insulin-related fat likes to live around the love-handle area and upper back.

Enjoy soy? Well, it’s an estrogen trigger that loves to talk to the bodyfat around your hips and thighs as well as the triceps area giving that all too familiar ‘bingo wings’ or ‘dinner lady arms’ physique.

Processed food in general does this, as do foods stored in plastics.

What you eat is MUCH more important than how much.

That’s why you need to focus on ‘clean-eating’ at least 80% of the time if you want to maintain a great body and great health, and more if you’ve got some way to go before you get there.

If you eat clean, you get lean.

Found this while clearing out my computer!

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