Brain Noble, Super Leagues most succssful coach


I’ve been involved in the Athlete and Fitness industry for a fair time
now,both as a professional athlete myself,and laterly as a professional
sports Coach.Obviously my chosen field of expertise has been Rugby
League,and without doubt the challenges of staying “In Shape”in that game
are both wide ranging and demanding!.Rugby League is at the forefront in
developing the “fittest” sportsmen in the world.
Now let me be a little self indulgent and introduce Dan!Dan took upon
himself the greatest challenge in Sports history!,that of getting my
creaking bones into shape!!His depth of knowledge and expertise has allowed
me to progress from a level of fitness to one I didn’t think I could get
to(At my tender years!).He quickly recognised what I am capable of and
continues to push me to the limit,I believe I have worked hard in return and
am feeling the benefits of his programmes.At the end of the day it’s about
ego for me and when I go to the pub for a couple of beers or a red wine I’d
like people to reflect that I look in reasonable nick!!
Finally,let me add that Dan is not a one trick pony,Oh no,his variety of
programes lends him to organising schedules for groups and teams alike,his
speed and power,footwork and agility enables him to develop any athlete(or
not)for which ever discipline they are involved in,from novice to expert!
I don’t readily give out recommendations,it’s just not something I
do,however I feel Dan has exceptional drive and knowledge to bring out the
best in all of us!

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