Steven Peel

I met Dan about 12 months ago when I became a member at Fitness First gym where Dan is a personal trainer & Sports Therapist.
Initially he introduced me to the gym equipment, showing me how to get the best results out of my exercise routines & created a fitness program specifically for me, which over the next few months became beneficial & enjoyable.
Unfortunately September 2008 came along & I was diagnosed with Motor Neurons Disease (M N D ), which was not only a massive shock but it meant that now because of (M N D) I was feeling weak, tired & felt that the last place I needed to be was in a gym where people are fitness training, so I contacted Dan told him about my problem & said I would no longer be training.
At that time I had no intentions of going back to the gym again, but after nearly three months of feeling sorry for myself & very little help from the NHS I realised that I had to keep myself motivated & exercise my body in a different way, so I Phoned Dan to see what could be done.
His response was far far better than I could have hoped for. He had apparently decided to find out as much information on M N D as he could over those three months & was only days away from contacting me with information that could have helped me.
Dan has now been helping me 1 day a week with exercises & physiotherapy since December 2008. He has had to use his knowledge & experience in devising different ways of exercising & using gym equipment to benefit me.
He is very aware of what I can & cannot do which makes it easier for me as it avoids embarrassing situations in the gym.
We also have a good laugh & joke which makes training sessions more enjoyable & quicker.
He has time for people when needed , he is knowledgeable, professional & I personally have a lot to thank him for.

Thank you 
              Steven Peel.

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