Cath Simpson

I have always enjoyed exercise, but unfortunately I am also someone who can pile on the pounds.  At 48 years of age the pounds began to pile on even more despite regular exercise. Starting at Fitness First last year I found it strange and to be honest quite annoying that one is encouraged to pay extra for a personal trainer. (I no longer feel like this)

 However not getting rid of my ever increasing waist line I decided enough was enough and that I needed to do something different if I was to see any changes. Reluctantly and with a great deal of scepticism I decided I would book a set of 10 sessions. I was introduced to Dan by his wife Sammie and told in no uncertain terms he would sort me out but he would work my butt! I thought oh my God what have I let myself in for? However any lingering doubts were soon dispelled. Dan has so much enthusiasm for his work. He is so encouraging. Not only does he provide structure to every session but it is tailor made to my requirements. His passion for his work and determination to get you to your goal are inspiring.

I set myself a goal of losing a stone and I have. I set myself another of cycling Mount Ventoux (a 22k climb) and I also did that without actually much training on my bike. I still have some weight to drop but I intend to continue with my programme.

 In the short term I achieved my goal of cycling Mount Ventoux . In the long term I am on the way to achieving my weight loss goal. All this combined with losing inches off my thighs and waist is enough to keep me going.  However what I never expected was to meet up with such a nice guy, he is so hard working and so encouraging. I can honestly say I really enjoy my sessions with Dan and have a great laugh at the same time. As Sammie said he will work your butt but it sometimes doesn’t feel like that because I love it. I now feel very different about having to pay for a personal trainer. It is just an investment for my health and I am hoping to beat my husband up the next mountain he takes me on. If anyone is having doubts or worries about working out with a personal trainer, please take it from me, give Dan a go you will not regret it.

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