Top 10 Health Tips

Good health is essential to your quality of life and longevity, try these ten for size.

Stop Smoking Smoking has no benefits to you at all, so why do it?

Reduce Stress Stress is one of the major killers in the western world, learn to meditate and relax, your body will love you for it.

Drink plenty of water Water can help you loose weight and will help detoxify you.

Wear a seatbelt not wearing a seatbelt increases your chances of death or injury.

Reduce alcohol consumption Alcohol abuse can cause relationship, money and health problems and contains a massive amount of needless calories.

Laugh Laughing keeps you young and is proven to provide countless health benefits.

Don’t ignore body changes If your body changes or your start to feel pain don’t ignore it, get it checked out. Catching problems early can help professionals to cure them.

Sleep Your body needs quality sleep to regenerate and to live it’s essential; you die from a lack of sleep before you die from a lack of food!!!

Take tests Make sure you keep up with smears and other essential health tests

Check yourself Ensure you check for breast cancer, testicular cancer and skin cancer regularly and take action if you notice any changes.

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