The test and what to do.

The Metabolic Typing test comprises of 150 questions, split into 3 sections. The physical section, the psycological section and the diet related section.

Before filling in the online questionnaire for real, you may have to do some research, into how certain foods make you react. Such as red meat and sweets. I will email you a copy of the questionnaire for you to read, and for you to find found out the answer to any question your not sure about, the more accurate the test is filled in, the easier the process of fine tuning your diet is. Once your happy with filling it in for real, I will send you a link to the questionnaire with my details as your advisor. Once you have followed all the instructions and submitted your form, I will receive your results and contact you to start the process within 48 hours.

Click on link to see questionnaire.

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