Top Ten Muscle Building Tips

Getting in great shape makes you feel superb; to get a great shape you must train with weights as well as your cardio workouts.

Evaluate Before starting a weights plan you should evaluate your current position and goals. How much can you comfortably lift? What size is your waist? Do you want to be the next Mr or Mrs Universe? This all impacts the plan you must put together.

Keep your workouts short Muscles respond better to short intense sessions, so does your boredom threshold and your life ?

Start with compound Compound exercises will help keep your workout short and will allow your body to adapt to the rigours of weight training.

Eat well When training with weights your body will burn up more protein as these are the building blocks of muscle. Six small protein rich meals a day is your goal.

Supplement your body will be stressed by a weights workout so ensure you take supplements that aid healthy joints and bones.

Rest Muscles grow when the body is asleep so get plenty of rest for maximum gains. It will also help you to not over train.

Use correct technique Bad technique leads to injuries and poor gains. Take the time to get the right technique. If you’re struggling for form then the weight is too heavy.

Lower at half the speed of your lift

The lowering portion of the lift can help build the muscle so make the most of it!

Stretch and warm up Warm muscles respond better to strength training, it will also help you to avoid injury.

Measure your progress Keep a log of your sessions so you can see your progress and you know what weights you were lifting in your last session.

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