Padraig Finn

Initally I met Dan through classes he runs at Fitness First. At these classes fellow participants recommended Dan for one to one sessions. I needed someone to push me beyond my limits, as i would not push myself, so i started training with Dan.

I have trained for a good few months with Dan now and never have I felt like making an excuse for not turning up to training. Dan has a unique skill of being an excellent motivator and that motivation never dies!

If you have goals targets in mind and you want results, to coin a phrase Dan is your Man! There is no half hearted attempts during training as Dan is a serious dedicated trainer. He also makes every training session effortlessly fun and interactive. This combined with his ridiculously large knowledge base (in almost everything it seems) its no wonder your kept motivated and results are acheived. If your serious about achieving your goals, then Dans motivation you will get those results. NO LIE!

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