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Tailor Exercise To Your Chosen Sport

Your programme should be specifically tailored for your sport. Exercise movements should mirror your sports movements. A bodybuilding programme will not improve your golf.

Your programme should be periodised properly beginning with postural improvements and moving right through to sports-specific power training.


Hydration and Diet

Hydrate yourself, with good quality water, not sports drinks. A small drop in hydration levels can result in a substantial decline in performance levels. Drink one litre extra of water for every hour of training.

Ensure you are eating right for your metabolic type. Failure to do so will result in poor energy conversion and poor performance.


Preperation and Recovery 

Sleep well. Your body’s physical repair takes place between 10pm-2am and a loss of sleep during this time will result in poor regeneration of muscle.

Putting your body through challenging workouts whilst under undue mental or physical stress will have a negative affect and will ultimately lead to injuries and poor performance.


Advice, Expertise and Motivation

Why not consider a personal trainer to help get you started in the right direction, and supply expert advice and motivation as you progress through your fitness plan.


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