Have you bought or been given a diet plan that is claiming to be tailored, bespoke, unique etc etc etc?

I come across lots of diet plans that have been given out by so called health and fitness professionals that claim to be unique, bespoke, tailored to you.

Well here is the question I am asking you.

Have you had your body composition analysed to make this diet plan tailored to you?? If you haven't had your body composition analysed, I can tell you that you have bought a generic diet plan that you could get for free off the Internet. If I were you I would be asking serious questions about your diet plan and perhaps be asking for my money back!

In order to make any diet plan bespoke, tailored or unique. You need to know a few things about your body, such as Fat percentage (measured accurately) Lean Body Mass, water levels. Finally you need to know your total calorie intake based on your muscle mass.

Why all this info I hear you say. Well only muscle needs calories, fat doesn't! So what's the point in putting more calories in than your muscle mass actually needs. So from understanding your body composition you can then accurately get a calorie intake requirement, which can then be broken down into accurate macro nutrient ratios. This needs to be altered regularly as your muscle mass increases so will your calorie intake.

Whether you are wanting to gain muscle mass or lose body fat, you should have been accurately assessed so your calorie intake and macro nutrient ratios are genuinely bespoke and tailored to you!

Here at Evolve Fitness & Physio it's standard practice to regularly measure body composition and to then change your macro nutrient ratios accordingly. If you want any help with diet plans, whether it's for losing fat for holidays or perhaps a bodybuilding show. We can help you. Feel free to message us and we will do our best to help you out!


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