Mark Riddlesden DipHE (Open)

Mark at Evolve

Qualifications & Education:

Level 5 Sports & Conditioning Science

Level 3 Personal Trainer

Level 2 Gym Instructor

Level 1 Award in Coaching Weight Lifting

Having been with Evolve, in some shape or form, since the beginning, I now have several years experience as a Personal Trainer, Sports, Strength & Conditioning Coach. I hold qualifications at Level 1 (Coaching Weight Lifting), Level 2 (Gym Instructor), Level 3 (Personal Trainer) and Level 5 (Sport and Conditioning Science). The latter of these qualifications has encouraged me to work at a more technical level and, when combining my skills with those of Dan and Sammie, I am able to help clients through bespoke rehab, weight loss and conditioning programs. I will endeavour help you achieve your goals, whether you're interested in building muscle, toning up or simply losing weight. I can also offer nutritional advice if required.

In addition, I also have a keen interest in improving athletes and recreational sports people alike having recently enjoyed working with competitive cyclists, open water swimmers, youth rugby players and several footballers. For example, I know a great deal about interval training and how it can help improve people's VO2 max, reduce excess weight and reduce the risks of serious illnesses like cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

************ SPECIAL OFFERS ************

5 sessions for £160

 10 sessions For £300
(plus free Bodystat)


Text or call for more information on 07795 257846

Feedback & Reviews

Mark is a brilliant PT. I've been working with him for the last two seasons and have seen my strength, flexibility and overall fitness go through the roof! I can't recommend him enough - top PT, top guy. If you want to get fit and strong but don't fancy all the usual gym BS then Mark is your man. He's a regular guy, not a gym bunny who's full of himself! He'll bring the best out of you.

Neil E

Mark is a fantastic PT such a genuine down to earth guy after struggling to actually meet him for a talk at the gym he went out of his way to meet in a cafe and discuss what was to come and what to expect he took a massive weight off my shoulders and gave me leaflets to look at never once pressured me into joining and even on the days when I told him I couldn't do it he made me see I could thanks for all you did Mark.

Tegan B

Awesome PT !!! Would recommend him to anyone ! Can't wait to come back after I've had my baby!

Vicky L

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