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CSOP Physiotherapy West Yorkshire


Our Physiotherapists are Chartered, State Registered, and registered with the Health Professions Council, so you can be confident you're in good hands.


How we can help

Physiotherapy plays a vital role in healing, rehabilitation and pain relief following bone, muscle, nerve, ligament and joint injuries. You will get free use of the gym to aid your recovery. you wont just be given some band and a load of home exercises to complete.

We treat injury and disease by correcting and improving the body's own natural healing mechanisms without the use of medication.

We offer a comprehensive assessment in order to make a clinical diagnosis and select appropriate treatment, to be administered by our chartered physiotherapists.

Our team have extensive experience in treating all kinds of musculoskeletal injuries, whether they are sports/hobby related, work related, or have just developed without obvious cause. So whether it’s back pain, a sprained ankle or recovering from a shoulder operation, we can help make you better. Serving Halifax, Ripponden, Sowerby Bridge, Elland, Shelf, Northowram, Brighouse. As we are based in our own gym. You will get free use of the gym to aid your recovery. you wont just be given some band and a load of home exercises to complete.


We are musculoskeletal physiotherapists.  We treat any disorder affecting the musculoskeletal system (joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons) and some that affect the body’s nervous system (e.g. sciatica, trapped nerve). This can be a traumatic injury, or an overuse problem.  It may be due to movement dysfunction or just down to not moving enough (how long have you driven your desk for today?)


Not only do we treat injury, we also prevent injury.  We can apply our medical knowledge to your function (whether it is sporting or working) and identify ways of reducing injury risk.  This is something that is regularly used in the elite sporting environment and the workplace.


We are also interested in performance.  This is primarily in the sporting arena but also has crossover into the arts (dance/music/theatre) and other places of work.  Using our understanding of movement and common movement dysfunction, we have the potential to improve certain aspects of performance.  Performance can also be enhanced by consistent, uninterrupted periods of training - which brings us back to our injury prevention role.

Within the context of musculoskeletal physiotherapy, Evolve's Physio's  treat a number of more specialist groups.  Select one for more information:

◾Sports injuries
◾Spinal Problems – neck pain/back pain/headaches
◾Occupational Injuries
◾Post-Surgical Rehabilitation
◾Road Traffic Accident Trauma/Whiplash Associated Disorder

No matter which category you fall into, our aim is simple.  Deliver a high quality, cost effective service in order to assist you in meeting your goals.



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