Golf Analysis

Above par training to get you under par! 


The Problem

Whether you’re driving for 300 yards or putting across the green, you’re using every muscle and ligament in your body. Traditional strength training and core stability programs that isolate muscles may increase strength, but they are not optimal for improving golf performance.


The solution

A more successful approach is Functional Training, which adapts exercises to the task one seeks to improve, and works the body as a whole unit. Perfecting your swing is a total body workout!


What is Functional Training

Originally developed by physical therapists to aid in rehabilitation, Functional Training focuses on improving flexibility and mobility through three-dimensional movements. It integrates the entire neuromuscular system into your golf fitness program. It’s also task and individual specific, which means the workout is customized by a professional trainer to improve your particular swing. Your movements, athletic positions and muscular requirements are all taken into consideration. The result is a program designed for you that gets you results.


Professional golfers confirm its benefits

Functional Training has helped countless golfers achieve greater distance and lower their handicaps by an average five strokes. Some of its more famous advocates include 2008 Ryder Cup Winner Phil Mickelson, US Open Champion Corey Pavin and Short Game Expert Dave Pelz.


Our Approach 

We’ll begin with a free 30-minute assessment where we analyze your swing and test how far your body extends itself when preparing to hit the ball.

Then we’ll take your results and create a functional training program to put full three dimensional motion back into your body. As with any training plan, commitment is essential to see results and keep the function and motion going until it becomes automatic.

To foster long term benefits, we can also provide you with a personalized training summary and exercise plan to use with your golfing professional.

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